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UK Resident Ann Hoang Insults & Slanders English Patriot

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U.K. Resident Ann 'Chirisu' Hoang Insults & Slanders an English Patriot

Emma West should be Prime Minister instead of that Kike Cameron. Instead, she's "Public Enemy Number One", and hated more than the thousands of rape-niggers prowling the U.K.

Ann 'Chirisu', on the other hand, is a filthy and hateful 小便芸者 (Piss-Geisha):

Ann Hoang is Vietnamese, pretending to be Japanese, attacking a brave English woman for expressing an opinion about the ongoing genocide of her own people in her homeland.

Does Ann Hoang want millions and millions of Negroes, Arabs, Pakistanis, Afghans, Turks, Gypsies, Kurds and Berbers -- or even Polacks -- imported to Vietnam? Of course she doesn't. She even boasts about how her skin is "white", because that gives her high status in the ultra Darkie-hating Vietnamese society.

So is Ann Hoang, of Hackney, London, happy that Emma West was arrested and has received tens of thousands of rape, beating and murder threats? Does she think it's good that people can be targeted because of what they said?

Ann Hoang obviously has no sympathy for another woman target by rapists and other thugs, and no sympathy for a woman who now knows she cannot express herself freely without fear of retaliation.

And this ugly bitch (chicks like her are a dime-a-dozen in East Asia -- she'd hardly be noticed, she's so plain -- she just plays on Oriental stereotypes to sell product in the UK) wishes that some Nigger would have beaten the English patriot Emma West, while Emma was holding her little boy in her arms!

It's a sign of how depraved Britain has become that some dumb bitch like Ann Hoang doesn't think twice before insulting an English patriot and all English patriots in their own homeland, on a public forum, viewed by millions.

Isn't it great that Vietnamese import Ann Hoang has that freedom of speech which is denied to English patriots such as Emma West? That's because Ann Hoang's comments are Kike-kosher, and Emma West's were not.

Isn't it great that in England, today, Ann Hoang can rest assured that she can say anything she likes, and slander and insult whomever she likes, with no fear of ever facing any negative consequences? Because how terrible it must be to live in fear. So I'm happy that Ann Hoang of Hackney doesn't have to experience the terror that Emma West is being subjected to.

Ann Hoang

Bust: 32"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"
Breast Size: A
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 6.0
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: 100% Asian
Skin Color: Self-Described as "White"
Address: ... (withheld, out of respect for Ann Hoang's privacy
Phone Number: ... (withheld for now, out of respect for Ann Hoang's privacy
Birthday: May 9th (birth-year withheld, out of respect for Ann Hoang's privacy)

Ann Chirisu, "Public Figure", on Facebook
JewTube: "japAnnxDOLL"
JewTube: "Annchirisu"
AnnChirisu at Deviantart

Here's another Scumbag Bitch, who wishes that Emma West had been beaten by a Nigger "boy", and gloats over the fact that she is in custody:

The Tedious, Moronic, Slandering Bitch Chen See Wan:

This Mega-Kike Moron:

"Gweat Bwitain is called "gweat" because it's a gweat place... She has weally bad gwamma ... it's unappwopwiate. She talks all chavvy ... dat woman ... kawn't even speak pwopah English ... her child goin ta speak like she have spoke. She should be jailed for life.""

She says she's gettink a degwee in "Socijollijy", by the way... because she's all concerned about equality, gender, race ... "all that stuff".



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