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UK Resident Ann Hoang Insults & Slanders English Patriot

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U.K. Resident Ann 'Chirisu' Hoang Insults & Slanders an English Patriot

Emma West should be Prime Minister instead of that Kike Cameron. Instead, she's "Public Enemy Number One", and hated more than the thousands of rape-niggers prowling the U.K.

Ann 'Chirisu', on the other hand, is a filthy and hateful 小便芸者 (Piss-Geisha):

Ann Hoang is Vietnamese, pretending to be Japanese, attacking a brave English woman for expressing an opinion about the ongoing genocide of her own people in her homeland.

Does Ann Hoang want millions and millions of Negroes, Arabs, Pakistanis, Afghans, Turks, Gypsies, Kurds and Berbers -- or even Polacks -- imported to Vietnam? Of course she doesn't. She even boasts about how her skin is "white", because that gives her high status in the ultra Darkie-hating Vietnamese society.

So is Ann Hoang, of Hackney, London, happy that Emma West was arrested and has received tens of thousands of rape, beating and murder threats? Does she think it's good that people can be targeted because of what they said?

Ann Hoang obviously has no sympathy for another woman target by rapists and other thugs, and no sympathy for a woman who now knows she cannot express herself freely without fear of retaliation.

And this ugly bitch (chicks like her are a dime-a-dozen in East Asia -- she'd hardly be noticed, she's so plain -- she just plays on Oriental stereotypes to sell product in the UK) wishes that some Nigger would have beaten the English patriot Emma West, while Emma was holding her little boy in her arms!

It's a sign of how depraved Britain has become that some dumb bitch like Ann Hoang doesn't think twice before insulting an English patriot and all English patriots in their own homeland, on a public forum, viewed by millions.

Isn't it great that Vietnamese import Ann Hoang has that freedom of speech which is denied to English patriots such as Emma West? That's because Ann Hoang's comments are Kike-kosher, and Emma West's were not.

Isn't it great that in England, today, Ann Hoang can rest assured that she can say anything she likes, and slander and insult whomever she likes, with no fear of ever facing any negative consequences? Because how terrible it must be to live in fear. So I'm happy that Ann Hoang of Hackney doesn't have to experience the terror that Emma West is being subjected to.

Ann Hoang

Bust: 32"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"
Breast Size: A
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 6.0
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: 100% Asian
Skin Color: Self-Described as "White"
Address: ... (withheld, out of respect for Ann Hoang's privacy
Phone Number: ... (withheld for now, out of respect for Ann Hoang's privacy
Birthday: May 9th (birth-year withheld, out of respect for Ann Hoang's privacy)

Ann Chirisu, "Public Figure", on Facebook
JewTube: "japAnnxDOLL"
JewTube: "Annchirisu"
AnnChirisu at Deviantart

Here's another Scumbag Bitch, who wishes that Emma West had been beaten by a Nigger "boy", and gloats over the fact that she is in custody:

The Tedious, Moronic, Slandering Bitch Chen See Wan:

This Mega-Kike Moron:

"Gweat Bwitain is called "gweat" because it's a gweat place... She has weally bad gwamma ... it's unappwopwiate. She talks all chavvy ... dat woman ... kawn't even speak pwopah English ... her child goin ta speak like she have spoke. She should be jailed for life.""

She says she's gettink a degwee in "Socijollijy", by the way... because she's all concerned about equality, gender, race ... "all that stuff".



Why, thank you miss! :D
i found this very funny.
Hello mate 
The only reason for an East/southeast asian mixed person like me to attack a white British Patroit would be if they insulted me. Emma west didn't mentioned us chink/gooky types she was on about polish,blacks,Paki's so why did this little girl stick her nose in it? I dunno she is very young, still feels superior to others based on her skin lol. I am whiter then her even after a week sun bathing in the philippines but don't make comments like she does lol OH well mate she is very young let the young be stupid chavs until they can learn something from expirience. cheers 

It makes them feel superior, yes.

And they are very smug. They love to talk about and put down "the lower class" Britons, "the working class" -- whom they commonly refer to as "White Trash". Foreigners like these three like to imagine that they are some sort of pets of the gentry, swanning around Oxford, shopping at Claridges. Their dream is to play croquet with the Duke of Middlesex. They believe they are of a superior class than most native Britons.

Whatever excuses you might make for them, there is no excuse for them to slander Emma West, wishthat she had been beaten, gloat that she now has to live in fear, or say that she should be "locked up for life". All three of these bitches are just mean . miserable, arrogant b@stards.

Also hypocritical and insecure -- they want to fit in, so they spout "poilitical correctness" (i.e. lies), when you know as well as I do that they would never want all the Pakis and Niggers and Arabs and Kurds and Afghans and whoever that are in the UK to go over to China, or Vietnam or anywhere in East or Southeast Asia.

Japanese, Chinese and Korean don't even like having Filipinos or Indonesians or Cambodians or Burmese or Miao/Hmong in their homelands, because they view them as culturally and/or racially inferior. They would have riots if millions of Niggers were imported, and would start throwing them back into the sea.

The really obnoxious Chinese cow, she's mega-kiked and screwed well up into the Kike World Order -- she's studying what she calls "Soshijollijy", so her head is obviously already messed up, on top of her natural arrogance and stupidity.

A lot of their ignorance might be acc

Another thing is that they "think" as they've been trained to by the kike media and indoctrination camps. So they don't discriminate.

In other words:

They don't draw any distinctions between:

(a) useful, interesting, helpful or decent immigrants, and

(b) masses of parasites.

They don't draw any distinction between:

(a) some foreign students, tourists, spouses/children of British citizens, or genuine refugees, and

(b) masses of fake "asylum"-seekers, parasites, leeches, pimps, dope-dealers, hookers, smugglers, and people who are imported just to keep the native populations' wages and work-benefits low. 
Thank God for people like Emma West.

These people threatening her are scum.

The worst sort of scum -- self-righteous scum.
I don't think I am making excuses for this type of fuckwit shortsighted half-brained banter from these girls. My point is that they are below the age of people I usually listen to or bother taking seriously. For myself I am fair I am both white and Asian by ethnic backround. I would take issue with Emmma if she didn't differentiate between productive useful IMMigrants who are generally concerned for the well being of the UK and Fucking Paki muslim scum that want to see this country die. Emma did not mention my lot and I think there was a reason. I believe the UK should have the same free speech they got in the USA, but it seems that freedom of speech is only for brown people and muslims who want to see buckingham become a smoldering pile of ashes.
Yes, Emma West is...


She's worse than all the rape-niggers in the UK combined.

How dare she!? How dare she!?

Of course she's rude, but how can she be arrested for swearing, when the UK's Kike-Media has swearing any time of the day? They have people swearing worse than this on prime-time talk shows.

I bet it started with her having a private conversation that all these jigaboos stuck their noses into.

How come the White woman swearing at Emma wasn't arrested?

How come the niggers threatening her and saying Whites are lazy weren't arrested for such "Hate Crimes"?

Because the UK is run according to Kike-Law.
Black N British 
At 2:00 she asks when does being black not make you British? Semantics aside, British denotes people from the British Isles. Given there have been no historical precedents for black Africans coming from this area, it is true that you cannot be black and British at the same time. Some White South Africans call themselves Africans and cite themselves as being Africa's White Tribe. This has more to do with cementing a role and placing themselves as part of the national fabric of South Africa. Similarly, some black persons describe themselves as British on the basis that they were either born here or have some kind of connection to the territory. In addition, there is the issue of the Passport, which for legal reasons makes everyone who has one British.

Emma West's reasoning is squarely based around the notion of a ethno-cultural link between people and land. This is much the same way a Tanzanian would say that someone from Zanzibar province is Tanzanian in the cultural sense. Had she chosen her words and delivery more carefully she might have avoided the long arm of the state making her life miserable.

As for the young ''Chinese'' lady, she is pretty inarticulate herself in some ways and sounded slightly American when she was speaking. Persons proud of their British heritage do not try to emulate the discourse of street level hispanics in the USA.
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