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Nominate a heroic kike

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Nominate a heroic kike

The Charles Bronfman Prize celebrates the vision and endeavor of an individual or team under 50 years of age whose humanitarian work has contributed significantly to the betterment of the world. Its goal is to bring public recognition to dynamic young innovators whose Jewish values infuse their humanitarian accomplishments, providing inspiration for generations to come.

Charles Bronfman has spent a lifetime developing, implementing and supporting initiatives that help to strengthen the unity of the Jewish people; investing in next generations to expand their knowledge and appreciation of their history, heritage and cultural identity; and impacting on the direction of Jewish life and community.

Created and endowed by his children, Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman, together with Stephen Bronfman and Claudine Blondin Bronfman, The Charles Bronfman Prize is a tribute to the values and innovative spirit that have served as a compass for their father throughout his life.

An internationally recognized panel of Judges selects the Prize recipient(s) and bestows an award of $100,000.

We're seeking Jewish heroes.

And we’d like you to meet the ones we already know.

The Charles Bronfman Prize celebrates the vision of young, dynamic Jewish humanitarians whose work contributes to the betterment of the world. Our goal is to bring public recognition to their efforts, and provide inspiration to future generations.

The 2012 Prize nomination cycle is open until January 13, 2012. If you know of an individual or team whose international humanitarian endeavors meet our requirements, now is the time to bring them to our attention!

Our website will guide you through the nomination process, and spotlight the on-going achievements of past recipients whose work continues to bring justice, safety, health, education, and environmental leadership to the world at large.

Among their extraordinary accomplishments, The Charles Bronfman Prize laureates are known for their ground-breaking work in:

karen-head 2011 | Karen Tal

Principal | The Bialik-Rogozin School
Believing in children's potential. Ensuring their right to achieve.

Sasha_Chanoff 2010 | Sasha Chanoff
Founder + Executive Director | RefugePoint
(formerly Mapendo International)
Rescuing and resettling at-risk and forgotten refugees.

Jared_Genser2010 | Jared Genser
Founder + President | Freedom Now
Freeing prisoners of conscience worldwide.

KIPP_IND 2009 | Mike Feinberg + Dave Levin

Co-Founders | KIPP: Knowledge is Power Program
Transforming the face of public education.

rachel-head 2008 | Rachel Andres

Founder + Director | Jewish World Watch Solar Cooker Project
Keeping Darfur refugee women safe by creating the world’s
largest solar cooker project.

alon-head 2007 | Dr. Amitai Ziv

Founder + Director | The Israel Center for Medical Simulation
Promoting safety and quality healthcare through simulation-based medical education.

alon-head 2005 | Alon Tal

Founder | Adam Teva V'Din + Arava Institute
Establishing Israel as a model of environmentalism.

jay-head 2004 | Jay Feinberg

Founder + Executive Director | Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation
Facilitating life-saving marrow and stem-cell transplants.

Nominate Your Hero!

Please join our growing fellowship of nominators from distinguished international institutions in both public and private sectors. Your help in identifying young humanitarians from around the globe will allow us to recognize and reward exceptional individuals whose Jewish values create powerful global impact.


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